Frequently asked questions

These are the questions we are frequently asked.

What does the Ashfords Foundation Fund?

We are looking to make a real difference in the lives of the communities in which the partners and employees of Ashfords live and work.

We award grants to organisations that are working with and for those communities.  

Detailed Information about the range of grants we offer, the type of work and projects we are looking to support, and how to apply may be found in the What we fund section of our website.

What should we do if we don’t understand the guidANCE NOTES?

If you are not sure whether your project fits our guidance notes, please email us on 

How much are we able to apply for?

This varies depending which of our two funding programmes you apply to. More information is available in the guidance notes for each programme.

Are there limits on the size of organisation that may apply for grants?

Yes. Detailed information about the size of organisation that may apply are set out in the guidance notes for each programme.

Are we able to apply if we are a new organisation?

If you are applying for a small one-off grant under the Supporting Communities programme, yes - but please see the guidance notes for this programme for more information.

If you are applying to the Preserving Communities programme, you will need to send us audited or independently inspected accounts with your application, so we cannot consider an application from your organisation until it has produced its first set of accounts.

Are we able to apply if we are not a registered charity?

We only give grants to groups and organisations that are registered with the Charity Commission or where the grant is for an exclusively charitable purpose. Organisations that have 'exempt' or 'excepted' status, such as educational establishments, qualify under these criteria.

We also are able to support community interest companies (CICs) and other not-for-profit organisations, such as constituted community groups, as long as they are able to explain how they would use our funding for charitable purposes.

If your organisation is not a registered charity you should send your organisation’s constitution with your application.

What don't you fund?

We don’t fund
• Pressure groups or campaigning organisations.
• Projects whose aim is to promote religion or politics of any kind, or which exclude any part of society.
• Animal charities.
• Friends of associations.
• Organisations that do not provide direct services to clients (such as umbrella, second tier or grant-making organisations) .

Please read the guidance notes for each programme for more information.

Are there any geographical restrictions on the areaS in which you fund?

Both our funding programmes are limited to supporting projects and organisations working primarily in the communities in which the partners and employees of Ashfords live and work. Ashfords has offices in Bristol, Exeter, London, Plymouth, Taunton and Tiverton. 

Do you fund individuals?

We do not fund individuals.

Where can we find an application form?

Application forms are available for both our funding programmes in the What we fund section of our website.

How should we submit an application form?

Both our funding programmes have an online application process only.

How will we know you have received our application?

We acknowledge all applications we receive by email. If you haven’t heard from us within two weeks of electronically submitting your application, please email us at to check we have received it.

How soon will we know whether our application has been successful?

Applications that qualify are reviewed at the first available relevant meeting, where a decision will be made whether or not to fund.

For applications for our Preserving Communities programme, meetings are held twice a year, in January and July. For applications for our Supporting Communities Programme, meetings are held every three months, in January, April, July, and October.

We will let you know if your application has been successful within two weeks of the meeting at which is considered.

You are already funding our organisation. Are we able to apply for another grant?

No. Organisations can only have one active grant from us at a time.

Our application was turned down. How soon may we apply again?

If your application has not been successful, you will need to wait until the next calendar year before you may apply again, unless we aren’t able to support your application due to lack of funds in which case you can apply again at any time.

If you've had an application refused because it doesn't fit our grant criteria, please don't re-submit unless the project has changed to meet the criteria.

If your project has received funding in the past, you can apply for further funds but your proposal may not be considered a priority if the Trustee Board has received other appropriate proposals for different initiatives.

Do you provide feedback on unsuccessful applications?

We are unable to give tailored feedback on every application.

What are the reporting obligations?

We aim to keep reporting requirements to a minimum and expect you to only report on the delivery of our grant in a way that will help your organisation, and us, learn about what works.

Do you ask successful applicants to provide feedback?

We encourage feedback from all our grantees.

We ask all grant recipients to report back on the delivery and expenditure of their grant. This is not only to monitor progress but also to help us learn from the delivery of our grants, so that we can make changes to our grant making where appropriate, and ensure our funding best meets the needs of the organisations and beneficiaries we support. It also allows us to access the impact of our grant making.