Devon Youth Games Trust is a charity tackling child inactivity, child obesity and mental health issues among young people by delivering life changing events and experiences to engage young people into regular sport and physical activity. They collaborate closely with partner organisations to prioritise targeted competitive and noncompetitive experiences that engage demographics where participation is typically lower and younger people harder to engage.

The Ashfords Foundation have provided a £500 grant to help fund the costs required to deliver the Planet Earth Games - the world's first environment themed multi-sports event in Exeter this summer. The event includes clubs and free community activities from paddleboarding to plogging. 

If you share a vision of inspiring a generation of environmentally sustainable young people through sport and physical activity? Then book your place at the world's first environment themed multi-sport event in Exeter on 6 July. Planet Earth Games provides a unique Olympic and Paralympic-style experience for young people and their families whilst sharing the best in sustainability in sport and beyond.

Open to clubs, communities and families, the event will take place in Exeter on Saturday 6 July 2019 at Exwick Sports Hub and Flowerpot Playing Fields and will include:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Plogging (that’s picking up litter and jogging)
  • Day pass experience including:
    • Walking rugby
    • Fitness Zone
    • Paddle boarding
    • Raft building
    • Canoeing
    • Walking trails
    • Cycling group rides
    • Village Green

 The Planet Earth Games is committed to:

  • zero usage of avoidable single use oil-based plastics
  • leaving no trace by achieving zero waste
  • usage of recycled materials wherever possible
  • being at the forefront of sustainability in sport in the UK