Blind in Business

Blind in Business was founded in 1992 by three blind graduates. The charity was launched to help other blind and partially sighted graduates compete equally with sighted candidates for decent jobs, by providing help, support and training, and by removing barriers to success. Since the charity started it has grown significantly and now helps hundreds of people achieve their goals.

The Ashfords Foundation is delighted to have awarded a grant of £500 to help fund blind and sight impaired people secure good jobs throughout the UK, and help train graduates in the charity’s offices in London.

Blind in Business typically help 120 people per year and strive to assist at least 60 of these people into employment in marketing, law, teaching etc. The charity also train blind and sight impaired children so they can prepare for modern careers, and introduce blind and sight impaired role models to create confidence in individuals who believe they have limited options, helping raise their aspirations about serious employment.

The Ashfords Foundation has been established with very clearly defined objectives to support smaller charities and community organisations through two grant programmes: Supporting Communities and Preserving Communities. The first offers one off grants of up to £750, while the second supports established charities and not-for-profit organisations develop a solid foundation for the future, helping them build sustainability for the long term with grants of up to £5k. In each case, the project for which funding is sought should be local to one of Ashfords’ offices in Exeter, Bristol, London, Plymouth, Tiverton and Taunton. Further details are on the Foundation’s website:

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